Study, design and construction of manual and automatic pickling plants, passivation plants and electropolishing plants.


Specific formulations for pickling, passivation, electropolishing and derouging.


Contract pickling, passivation and electropolishing treatments at our offices and/or at the customer’s premises.

Delmet Birthday

Limitless solutions
for the surface treatment of stainless steel

pickling, passivation, electropolishing and derouging.


The most functional method for obtaining a decontaminated and homogeneous stainless steel surface


A process induced by chemicals that create a protective film on the steel surfaces treated with pickling


Galvanic process for removing surface layers of steel which enables contamination and impurities to be removed


Effective solution to combat steel rouging with no limitations on the number of treatments



The DLT & CGT machines electropickle, electropolish and passivate welds on stainless steel, duplex and superduplex products with an immediate and lasting result.

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Electrolytic Metal Deoxidation

Limitless solutions for the surface treatment of stainless steel


We have been taking care of your stainless steel products or semi-finished products since 1949.

The solutions offered by Delmet include contract processing for all the main steel treatments, the design and study of customised systems, including in the portable version, and the supply of a wide range of chemics for every need.

Limitless solutions

Pickling, passivation, electropolishing and derouging: 4 divisions for a comprehensive response. From processing to plant, from the appropriate chemical to the most suitable equipment. We are your specialised partner, connoisseur and expert in the materials to be treated, this allows us to provide you with adequate solutions quickly and with maximum flexibility.

Extensive know-how

Experience and passion gained over 70 years of business, always one step ahead with proactive and quick solutions, focused on the needs of our customers. Innovation is in our DNA, the continuous pursuit of higher performance and effective solutions, leads us to anticipate market trends.

Delmet Srl

decapaggio, passivazione, elettrolucidatura, derouging

founded in 1949, is one of the best known Italian companies specialising in the electropolishing and pickling of stainless steel.


Delmet collaborates with leading brands and companies in a direct and often indirect way. The supply chain, due to the type of processing required, involves an important number of actors who require maximum confidentiality, both for the required know-how and for the equipment used.


There are many fields of application for the care of steel, starting from the need to increase corrosion resistance, to eliminate surface contaminants and make the surfaces suitable for food, to reduce the roughness or simply make the surfaces shiny even in inaccessible places.


  • Food Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
  • Nautical & Automotive
  • Oil & Gas

  • Pools & Spas
  • Industry and Construction
  • Street furniture
  • Nuclear


Delmet works with dynamism and pioneering spirit in the reference context, generating innovation and value through its daily activity, which sees it as a protagonist, alongside big brands, in the production of important installations and/or avant-garde processes.

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