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Founded in 1949, Delmet has over 70 years of expertise and professional dedication at the forefront in the care of stainless steel, offering high-tech solutions, thanks to its continuous research and development that over time has led to many important innovations in the main metalworking processes: pickling, passivation, electropolishing and derouging.

DELMET has been involved in spreading the electropolishing PATENT in ITALY since 1957 when this technology was still almost unknown.

The company does not limit itself to designing automatic or manual plants for steel finishing, but it is also its first constant user, since its own plants are used inside the production sites to offer a series of excellent stainless steel processing services
To complete the steel care solutions, the company offers a wide range of chemicals to support the customer in any event: whether you choose to rely on our contract metal processing service, or you need to commission a customised plant, the professional advice offered is comprehensive with all the tools and compounds needed to ensure the best possible result. Delmet, in keeping with the spirit of continuous evolution and improvement that sets it apart, is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

since 1949

A story of passion and success

Since its foundation, Delmet has gone through numerous stages that have made its history: a story of passion and success. Founded on January 13, 1949 by the engineer Mr Cherubino Cherubini, DELMET - Disossidazione ELettrolitica METalli - (Electrolytic Metal Deoxidisation) boasts over 70 years of company history projected towards continuous innovation.
It is an Italian story of passion and success, where heart and tradition are combined with cutting-edge technologies, to meet the demands of customers who are increasingly attentive to optimising processes, respecting the environment and streamlining facilities.

Our history

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    Strong foundations for a successful future


    From the very beginning, Delmet immediately extended its sphere of action to electroplating and electrochemical polishing in particular. In 1952 the first international agreement was signed with an important German company from Munich in the field of electrochemical polishing; this company, for which Delmet was licensed in Italy, was then particularly well prepared in the polishing of copper and its alloys.
    In 1955 a representation contract was signed with Carl Kurt Walther (today Walther Trowal) of Wuppertal, a leading company in the field of mechanical finishing with tumblers and vibrators, which Delmet still exclusively represents in Italy to this day.
    Development needs led Delmet to change its headquarters several times; in Milan, from Viale Brianza to Via Vittor Pisani in 1952, Via Bordoni in 1953, Via Jommelli in 1957 and Via Dracone in 1962.
    In 1967, when the need to supply water purification plants arose, Delmet signed a representation and licensing agreement with a company in Dusseldorf: this fruitful collaboration resulted in the construction of numerous plants.

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    Towards specialisation


    In 1975 the chemical deburring of carbon steel was launched; while chemical processes appear to replace electrochemical processes, a deeper knowledge of the processes highlights different limitations and possibilities. In 2005 the technique was perfected by Poligrat of Munich, making it a winning treatment in the fields of hydraulics, textiles and precision mechanics. In 1977 Mr Cherubini leaves the management to engineer Mr Ruggero Rigatti, who decided to progressively orient Delmet's business towards a greater specialisation: its primary objectives become pickling, deburring, polishing and passivation of stainless steel and water purification. In the early eighties, plant engineering was accompanied by the supply of services for contract work. In August 1985, in order to cope with the new work volumes with adequate means and space, Delmet decided to move its headquarters to the Milanese hinterland and settled in a new industrial building in Gorgonzola.

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    Tradition, passion and innovation

    From the 1990s to today

    Following the untimely passing of Ruggero Rigatti, his son Massimo and his wife Anna Cherubini took over the company, adopting cutting-edge automation techniques. In 1990, the company’s management passed into the hands of Massimo Rigatti and Anna Cherubini and the development of contract processing, plant engineering and related chemicals proceeded decisively. The agreement with British and German companies for the distribution of Delmet plants in the European community was a driver for innovative concepts in their design and production. Collaboration with local companies guaranteed timely technical assistance and specialised personnel. The opening of the Chinese market dates back to 1996. Exports also make a leap to other European and non-European countries. Fundamental importance was attached to cutting-edge automation techniques, enabling the company to achieve a leading position on the Italian market. The first stent treatment plant were built in 2002 in Ireland and Italy. In 2009 derouging was introduced on the Italian market. Delment broke into the US market with the first plant in Cleveland in 2013. 2015 saw the opening of the new contract service centre in Gessate, the construction of the first mobile "spray booth” unit  and the achievement of ISO 9001 and 14001 DNV GL certifications.

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    Launch of digital control systems with a view to "Industry 4.0" management

    Since 2017

    2017 confirmed Delmet's role as a cutting-edge leader in the inox pickling, inox passivation and inox electropolishing process market, with the launch of Industry 4.0 compliant systems.