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Delmet portable systems for the electropickling and electropolishing of stainless steel are a true technological evolution in the stainless steel treatment of welds.

The DLT machines electropickle, electropolish and passivate welds on stainless steel, duplex and superduplex products with an immediate and lasting result.


Portable systems for electropickling stainless steel are a true technological evolution for cleaning welds. With the portable DLT electropickling system it is possible to electroclean, pickle, electropolish and passivate the welds on stainless steel, duplex and super duplex products with immediate and safe results.

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Why true technological evolution?

Why electropickle instead of pickling and passivating, as we have always done? Because electropickling and electropolishing with Delmet portable systems means: effectively saving time and money, ensuring flexibility and ease of use thanks to the versatility of the applications, and means obtaining a high quality finish on the welded areas - the areas thermally altered by welding on the stainless steel - and simultaneously achieving effective passivation of all stainless, Duplex and Superduplex steels.

Specific sectors of application:

  • Food and Dairy Machinery
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Machinery
  • Packaging machinery and conveyor belts
  • Tanks for Winemaking, Breweries and Olive Oil
  • Bottling and bagging systems
  • Chemical and Oil&Gas plant engineering & piping in general
  • Nautical, furniture and stainless steel carpentry

Why should I use Delmet DLT machines?

Because it would mean effectively replacing pickling and passivating gels - eliminating the problem of acid waste and the disposal of rinsing water containing dangerous environmental pollutants. With Delmet electropickling, the waste is minimised by using a rag to clean up the small quantities of residue from the treated surface and the rag used can be easily managed with the dirty-clean recycling service. The ease of use of Delmet machines has become proverbial, both for use on the bench and on site, and for the well-known qualities of portability and safety of insulation, for the reduced consumption of electrolyte liquid and energy, for the lack of of moving parts and unnecessary cooling, blowing or suction systems. Our machines benefit from an unprecedented current delivery system that ensures a concentration of current to the brush which is transmitted to the surface with fast and excellent results, without overheating the system.

Our compact, powerful and effective machines are the winning choice of the shrewd buyer, having become, given their performance, the benchmark for customers in many sectors of stainless steel processing.

Treat your welds without surface alterations and without streaks

Don't be left behind, ask us for a DEMO on your workpieces at your company premises! Many leaders in your sector are already happy owners and successful users of our machines for electropickling, electropolishing, passivation and finally electromarking.


First name Subtitle Category Instructions Safety Data Sheets
Neutralizers Instructions for Use
Electrolytes Instructions for Use
Ready-to-use neutralizing liquid for rinsing stainless steel surfaces after electrochemical pickling
Neutralizers Instructions for Use
Universal pickling and passivation electrolyte for INOX Aisi 300 series - 2B finish - satin finish
Electrolytes Instructions for Use
Universal pickling electrolyte with high electropolishing and passivating power for INOX Aisi 300 series 2B-BA-SB-SM
Electrolytes Instructions for Use
Pickling / degreasing electrolyte - electropolishing - passivating - for INOX Aisi Series 300 - 2B - F1- Duplex - SuperD
Electrolytes Instructions for Use
Neutralizers Instructions for Use


Delmet is able to solve any query and problem related to the surface treatment of stainless steel.

It offers contract processing, design and manufacture of customised plants, formulation and sale of chemicals and machines for the purification of process water and air treatment.

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