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The innovation of spray pickling
Spray plants are always preferable to immersion, especially in terms of optimising consumption and savings, where it is technically possible to choose them.

Delmet has developed its spray pickling plant for stainless steel: Poseidon.


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Delmet Spray Pickling Plants

The new technique eliminates the many inconveniences associated with treating steel: dangerous gases and unpleasant odours, premises with water everywhere, eroded floors, difficulties in finding qualified operators, difficulty in obtaining permits, with the risk of incurring environmental sanctions.

With the Poseidon spray pickling units the immersion tanks are replaced by spray booths with a consequent reduction in the volume of chemicals used.

Customisation of the transport trolley allows you to better treat your workpieces.

The innovation of spray pickling

Other advantages include:

  • Clean and tidy premises
  • An easy and technologically innovative plant
  • Ease of finding plant operators
  • Repetitive and monitorable consumption and costs
  • A process compliant with ASTM A380 and ASTM 967


Delmet is able to solve any query and problem related to the surface treatment of stainless steel.

It offers contract processing, design and manufacture of customised plants, formulation and sale of chemicals and machines for the purification of process water and air treatment.

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