Pickling Plants


Automatic treatment involves the use of spray pumps that distribute the chemical over the entire workpiece, thus managing to treat large surfaces quickly with precision and yield quality in a single process tank, as well as immersion in a succession of different tanks by means of one or more automated overhead cranes.


This method involves immersing the workpiece in one or more manual tanks if the required productivity or the company philosophy does not require strong automation or if you want to limit the investment.


For small workpieces it is best to use the immersion technique, even if it is also possible to use the spray technique in particular cases. Process lines can be both automatic and manual.



For large workpieces the spray technique allows you to reduce the volumes of chemicals involved, significantly improving the environmental aspect. Process lines can be both automatic and manual.


Immersion Pickling Plants

Manual plants are manufactured on specific customer requests, with very small or very large tanks. Our many years of experience allows us to give the best advice, after analysing the needs and working conditions.  When the manual plant is fitted with a large tank, it is equipped with ALL THE NECESSARY SAFETY DEVICES REQUIRED FOR AUTHORISATION AND THE MANAGEMENT OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.
FOR AUTOMATIC PLANTS THE TANKS ARE SERVED by one or more OVERHEAD CRANES controlled by a PLC that automatically move the components to be treated in accordance with the chosen work cycle.
A cycle archive is made available, containing the main possible work sequences: the plant can be reprogrammed according to specific processes, without the need for a programmer.
Our plants can be equipped with remote assistance, a production data archive, bar codes and can be interfaced with the customer's information system in a 4.0 perspective.

Spray Pickling Plants

The alternative to manual pickling is the spray technique, which is an excellent solution for processing large-sized or difficult-to-transport workpieces.
When used instead of immersion it is unrivaled for a number of reasons, including savings in terms of the amount of energy and chemicals used. In terms of starting and maintenance, the spray plant only uses suction and heating when necessary, and reaches optimal conditions in a very short time.
This plant has been designed to use a limited amount of pickling agent that is always fresh: each work cycle allows a programmed change of the liquid used.

Delmet stainless steel excellence since 1949


Over 70 years of experience in the study, design and manufacture of manual and automatic stainless steel pickling plants. Delmet manufactures both “traditional” immersion pickling plants, using tanks, and pickling plants with the new spray technique.

Building a pickling plant with Delmet means ensuring your steel products last up to 10 times longer: the result is guaranteed by comprehensive assistance throughout the entire technological cycle, which includes the correct supply and application of the chemicals required in the process.

Further benefits include the optimisation of production costs through limited water and energy consumption, which leads to financial savings, in addition to the tax relief afforded by the plant's compliance with Industry 4.0.

Delmet Pickling Plants

A stainless steel pickling and passivation plant allows you to obtain:

  • A surface suitable for containing food
  • The highest possible corrosion resistance of the alloy used
  • A smooth surface with a uniform grey colour
  • Restoration of the initial condition of the stainless steel used


And it can be configured as:

  • A manual immersion tank of any size, complete with rinsing tanks
  • An automatic plant that contains the immersion pickling tank and all the pre and post treatments to obtain an optimal result
  • An automatic spray plant

The innovation of spray pickling

Spray plants are always preferable to immersion, especially in terms of optimising consumption and savings, where it is technically possible to choose them. Delmet has developed its spray pickling plant for stainless steel: Poseidon.
The new technique eliminates the many inconveniences associated with treating steel: dangerous gases and unpleasant odours, premises with water everywhere, eroded floors, difficulties in finding qualified operators, difficulty in obtaining permits, with the risk of incurring environmental sanctions.
With the Poseidon spray pickling units the immersion tanks are replaced by spray booths with a consequent reduction in the volume of chemicals used. Customisation of the transport trolley allows you to better treat your workpieces.
Other advantages include:

  • Clean and tidy premises
  • An easy and technologically innovative plant
  • Ease of finding plant operators
  • Repetitive and monitorable consumption and costs
  • A process compliant with ASTM A380 and ASTM 967

Plants, Contract Services, and Chemical Products for Steel Care

Excellent Results and Professional Support!

For the care of your steel, rely on true experts. With Delmet, corrosion and other issues affecting the surface treatments of stainless steel are numbered days!

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