Cleaner spray - Stainless steel cleaners

Chemical for cleaning steel


Decontaminant for austenitic steel

Cleaner Spray is an environmentally friendly, chlorine ion-free product specially developed for cleaning stainless steel surfaces prior to finishing treatments.


  • Particularly suitable for use in spray systems;

  • Does not generate harmful gasses;

  • Also effective in removing oxides from aluminum and aluminum alloys.


Cleaner Spray is ready for use. Instructions for use are provided below:

  • APPLICATION: use the product by spraying or using a low-pressure pump and leave to act for a minimum of a few minutes and a maximum of 2 hours. It is in any case recommended to carry out preliminary tests on samples to determine the optimum time;

  • RINSING: after the treatment, carry out a high-pressure wash and a further rinse with demineralised water.

Often, this product is combined with additional final treatments to prevent unwanted halos and stains. Delmet is always available to provide further information on treatment.


Before use, be sure to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and protect your eyes. Carefully follow the instructions given in the Safety Data Sheet for the product, available on request.


Waste water generated during rinsing is acidic and must be disposed of in accordance with current environmental regulations.
Delmet can provide manual or automatic equipment to facilitate the process.


Cleaner Spray is available in 30 kg format (PC01538), ideal to meet your stainless steel surface cleaning and treatment needs.

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