Environmental Policy


Delmet's environmental approach reflects the cornerstones of its corporate policy in the broadest sense, which actively involves all the workers who, on a daily basis, work to reduce the impact of production on natural resources.

The commitment of the Group and all its employees to protecting the environment helps to promote concrete attention to the principles of sustainable development and individual behaviour consistent with them.

Delmet sees sustainability and environmental protection as two fundamental elements of its corporate identity, as well as drivers of strategic value, capable of creating a competitive advantage.

The desire to do more led Delmet to start a partnership with Treedom, taking part into an agroforestry project whose aim is sustainability.

Our company has decided to allocate part of their turnover to the planting of 520 trees in Tanzania, bringing relevant benefits in terms of environment, social and economy:

  • each planted tree will absorb CO2 by subtracting it from the environment;

  • the local communities will responsibility on these trees, being able to enjoy their fruits and timber;

  • agroforestry increases productivity as the planted trees help protecting crops and livestock from the harmful effects of wind, rain and sun

Our commitment will not stop there: every year, we will try to compensate for the company's CO2 production.

With the aim of actively contributing to the protection of biodiversity and pollinators, Delmet has invested in 3Bee regeneration projects.

The Delmet oasis has 80 nectariferous trees that will feed hundreds of thousands of pollinating insects each year, produce 47 kg of nectar and absorb 1907 kg of CO2.

This initiative allows the company to take concrete action in favour of biodiversity by entrusting the care of the plants to 3Bee growers, experts in species protection.

It also has numerous environmental benefits, such as:

  • regeneration of natural habitats in Italy

  • improvement of soil structure and composition

  • creation of new refuges and feeding sites for wildlife

  • reduction of the 'heat island' phenomenon

Another addition to the sustainability and environmental protection activities already underway.



Energy used generated from renewable sources equal to 54.06%.

The environmental commitment

also concerns indirect environmental impacts, including: raising awareness among stakeholders on sustainability issues, consumption and emissions associated with supplies placed on the market. Together with the processing plants, the company's core business, it supplies systems for purifying the air and water used during processes. In summary, those who buy Delmet first share a life philosophy and second a corporate organisation approach consistent with its business model, which respects the planet's “finite” resources.

According to the goal of creating "sustainable value"

part of Delmet's mission and business culture is in line with the value "Innovation for sustainability”, which starts from within: even the electricity used for production is generated from renewable sources such as solar panels, installed in the company, which allow us to minimise the impact on the ecosystem.