Chemical Products for Stainless Steel Degreasing

Delmet offers a wide range of chemical products specifically designed for degreasing treatment: a preliminary process for all metal finishing stages that allows the removal of grease, oils, resins, and other impurities from the surface of stainless steel.

This phase is crucial for properly preparing the artifact for subsequent treatments such as pickling, decontamination, and passivation. Skipping the degreasing step means compromising the effectiveness of all subsequent processes. That's why equipping yourself with effective degreasers is the foundation for quality results.

Our range includes alkaline, acidic, and evaporable degreasers, suitable for practical spray application. With our degreasers, even the most stubborn residues have no chance.

Effectiveness is guaranteed: after all, we are the first users of our products!

Plants, Contract Services, and Chemical Products for Steel Care

Excellent Results and Professional Support!

For the care of your steel, rely on true experts. With Delmet, corrosion and other issues affecting the surface treatments of stainless steel are numbered days!

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