Decontaminants for stainless steel

Chemicals for deoxidation and decontamination of stainless steel surfaces

Contamination of steel, in addition to creating an aesthetic defect, may trigger corrosion over time, compromising the correct condition of passivation.

Aware of this risk, at Delmet we have developed an entire line of decontaminants for stainless steel, which enable effective treatment of surfaces to remove ferrous or other metal contamination.

Delmet decontamination products stand out for their ease of use and delicacy: unlike pickling, in fact, they allow the material to be treated without any removal and are specially designed not to change the aesthetic appearance of the item subjected to the process.

The whole range of decontaminants, moreover, thanks to the absence of chlorine ions, is designed to minimize emissions of gasses or substances harmful to the environment.

Choose Delmet products for your steel care!

Plants, Contract Services, and Chemical Products for Steel Care

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For the care of your steel, rely on true experts. With Delmet, corrosion and other issues affecting the surface treatments of stainless steel are numbered days!

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